The Secretary

Way back in the 2006 the advent of Zilla public school on the soil of Tamluk opened a new year chapter in the history of primary to higher education. It was whole heartedly welcomed by the people, and now this renewed educational foundation is all set to fulfill the long cherished dream of the common people to educate their wards in an English medium school at an affordable cost.

This dream has taken shape in the form of Zilla Public School,the first and only CBSE Affiliated School in Tamluk town ( CBSE Affiliation Number 2430152 ) which will certainly be marked as an institution with high educational standards.

The school and its environment will offer a very happy setting to our young students to learn and grow. Endowed with good infrastructure and motivated teaching faculty, the school will be providing quality education to the students of this upcoming area. I believe that each child is blessed with divine potential and nurtures righteously, he or she can attain peerless heights.

The progress and future of a nation depends upon the youth and how well nurtured they are. On the whole, the school education is a unique investment in the present to take care of the future. I pray to almighty to shower his blessings onto this elite institute, so that this school achieves greater heights of success, in the years ahead.

The Chairperson

Zilla Public School is an idea and an ideal. It is a boon to all those people who dreamt of educating their wards at a highly economical cost in an English medium institution. It is a dream for us to realize, we intend to evolve a very unique syllabus which would draw “Best from the west, more from the east, and learning to be a feast”. We are keen to make this institution a center of academic excellence and cultural force in the trust sense of the term. It would be a place for learning and intellectual advancement, a fountain head of new ideas and a center to foster the community sprit.

Zilla Public School,the first and only CBSE Affiliated School in Tamluk town ( CBSE Affiliation Number 2430152 ) aims to nature in the present and future generations, a deep respect and love for our cultural heritage and the natural environment. And to this end, we are not merely going to have a garden around the school but a school that houses a community center and is set natural environment created by the children.

The Principal

Zilla Public School is managed by Holy child Welfare Society tuitions with an aim to provide “Quality Education at an affordable cost”.

Zilla Public School,the first and only CBSE Affiliated School in Tamluk town ( CBSE Affiliation Number 2430152 ) is a unique school, that believes that the pathway to every child’s success lies in believing in his/her dreams, seeing them as not just fancy wishes, but as achievable possibilities. To us, every child is unique and she/he is to be respected and loved for his/her uniqueness.

To achieve academic excellence is the prime aim of the entire team of teachers. The team whole heartedly supports the fact that “ all children can and will learn but not on the same day or in the same way”. The learning at our campus is at individual’s pace, stress free and can happen anytime and anywhere.

The school has also given momentum to co-curricular activities, where every performance contributes to all-round development of a child’s personality competitions are essential part of life at our campus. With the aim of inculcating and developing on students a flair of adventure, exploration, inquisitiveness and outdoor life, we organize different activities for our students and they are integral part our activity calendar.

Thus we can say that we provide a comprehensive package of academic, extra curricular and co curricular programmes to our students, which aims to bring out the best from them, so that they excel in every sphere of life. The overall development of the body, mind and soul is our mission.

To maintain high standard in the field of education and to fulfill our aim of holistic development of child’s. We welcome you to join our family to explore a new way of learning.

With good wishes.

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